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A short guide to writing about theatre

Print Book, English, ©2008
Pearson Longman, New York, ©2008
xiii, 175 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm.
9780321136732, 032113673X
1 Writing about Theatre
Why Write About Theatre?
The Importance of Conversation
Tastes and Opinions
Your audience
Checklist for Writing Reviews and Analyses
2 Preparing to Write and Writing the Essay
Prewriting: Interpreting the Assignment
Prewriting: Coming Prepared to a Play
Checklist for Finding Paper Topics
The Art of Taking Good Notes
A Checklist for Taking Good Notes
Writing the Essay
Creating and Using an Outline
A Checklist for Writing the Essay: The Fundamentals. 3 The Review and the Production Response
The Review Response
The Production Response
Prewriting: Questions for Reviews and Production Responses
Writing the Review or the Production Response
A Checklist for Writing a Review Response and/or a Production Response
4 The Analytical Theatre Essay
Two Analytical Approaches
Using Form and Content
Using Theatre History
A Checklist for Writing Analytical Essays
5 Research and Gathering Materials
Where to Start Research
Research Methods
Types of Theatre Research
A Checklist for Using Research Materials and Methods
Avoiding Plagiarism
A Checklist for Organizing and Incorporating Research
How to Document Research Sources: Formatting Citations in MLA Style
6 The Character/Scene Analysis
Script versus Play Text
Stanislavski's Techniques
Primary elements of a Character/Scene Analysis
A Checklist for Writing a Character/Scene Analysis
Appendix: Glossary of Theatrical Terms and Concepts
Works Cited