Front cover image for Active measures : the secret history of disinformation and political warfare

Active measures : the secret history of disinformation and political warfare

Thomas Rid (Author)
We live in an age of subterfuge. Spy agencies pour vast resources into hacking, leaking, and forging data, often with the goal of weakening the very foundation of liberal democracy: trust in facts. Thomas Rid, a renowned expert on technology and national security, was one of the first to sound the alarm. Even before the 2016 election, he warned that Russian military intelligence was 'carefully planning and timing a high-stakes political campaign' to disrupt the democratic process. But as crafty as such so-called active measures have become, they are not new. In this astonishing journey through a century of secret psychological war, Rid reveals for the first time some of history's most significant operations - many of them nearly beyond belief. A White Russian ploy backfires and brings down a New York police commissioner; a KGB-engineered, anti-Semitic hate campaign creeps back across the Berlin Wall; the CIA backs a fake publishing empire, run by a former Wehrmacht U-boat commander that produces Germany's best jazz magazine
Print Book, English, 2020
Profile Books, London, 2020
vi, 513 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9781788160742, 9781788164757, 9781788164757, 1788160746, 178816475X
Ebook version :
What is disinformation?
1945: Deceive
1. The Trust
2. Japan's Mein Kampf
3. The Whalen Forgeries
1960: Forge
4. American Disinformation
5. The Kampfgruppe
6. LC
Cassock, Inc
7. Faking Back
8. Kampfverband
9. Red Swastikas
10. Racial Engineering
1975: Compete
11. Dezinformatsiya Rising
12. The Book War
13. Operations Plan 10-1
14. The X
15. The Fifth Estate
1989: Escalate
16. Field Manual 30-31B
17. Service A
18. The Neutron Bomb
19. Peacewar
20. Nuclear Freeze
21. Nuclear Winter
22. AIDS Made in the USA
23. The Philosophy of "AM"
2014: Hack
24. Digital Measures
25. First Digital Leaks
26. Anonymous
27. Sofacy
2017: Leak
28. Election Leaks
29. Guccifer Two
30. Trolled
31. The Shadow Brokers
Published in the US: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2020