Front cover image for Adolph Caspar Miller papers, [1916-1953]

Adolph Caspar Miller papers, [1916-1953]

Adolph Caspar Miller, John H. Finley (Correspondent), Felix Frankfurter (Correspondent), Joseph C. Grew (Correspondent), Franklin K. Lane (Correspondent), William Phillips (Correspondent), Eleanor Roosevelt (Correspondent), Franklin D. Roosevelt (Correspondent), Harlan Fiske Stone (Correspondent), Mark Sullivan (Correspondent)
Contents: Letters, some addressed to his wife, Mary (Sprague) Miller, by John H. Finley, Felix Frankfurter, Joseph C. Grew, Franklin D. Lane, William Phillips, Mark Sullivan, Archibald MacLeish (for U.S. Library of Congress), Eleanor and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Harlan F. Stone; and invitations, mainly to presidential inaugurations
Archival Material, English, 1916