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All messed up : unpredictable graphics

"All Messed Up explores the important role that mistakes and accidents play in the creative process. In striving for perfection, we often make mistakes. In aiming for flawless work, things often go wrong. Sometimes these mistakes and accidents end up working to the designer's advantage. To realize this is to override long-standing preconceptions that define such occurrences as fundamentally wrong. All Messed Up creates a space for work in which mistakes, accidents and the unpredictable are celebrated. Featuring work by established and emerging graphic designers from around the world, the book embraces and even seeks out accidents that have created ground-breaking work. The book is divided into three sections: Mistakes (where something has gone wrong, such as a printer error), Chance (where chance occurrences or found objects are incorporated into a piece of work) and System (where a system is created to actively encourage the unpredictable). It ends with a series of interviews with five leading figures: Ian Anderson, Stefan Sagmeister, Paul Elliman, Stuart Bailey and April Greiman."--Jacket
Print Book, English, 2004
Laurence King Pub., London, 2004