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Autobiography Essays Theoretical and Critical

James Olney (Author)
eBook, English, April 2016
Princeton University Press Two Rivers Distribution [Distributor], Princeton, Jackson, April 2016
College Audience
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9780691643571, 0691643571
*FrontMatter, pg. i*Contents, pg. vii*Preface, pg. ix*Autobiography and the Cultural Moment: A Thematic, Historical, and Bibliographical Introduction, pg. 1*Conditions and Limits of Autobiography, pg. 28*Full of Life Now, pg. 49*The Style of Autobiography, pg. 73*Some Principles of Autobiography, pg. 84*Confessions and Autobiography, pg. 115*Recovering Literature's Lost Ground Through Autobiography, pg. 123*Autobiography and the Making of America, pg. 146*Black Autobiography: Life as the Death Weapon, pg. 169*Malcolm X and the Limits of Autobiography, pg. 181*Michel Leiris: Mazemaker, pg. 194*The Other Voice: Autobiographies of Women Writers, pg. 207*Some Versions of Memory/Some Versions of Bios: The Ontology of Autobiography, pg. 236*The Veto of the Imagination: A Theory of Autobiography, pg. 268*Eye for I: Making and Unmaking Autobiography in Film, pg. 296*Fictions of the Self: The End of Autobiography, pg. 321*Bibliography, pg. 343*Index, pg. 353