Front cover image for Autograph letters signed to Owen Fawcett from various correspondents, 1859-1904

Autograph letters signed to Owen Fawcett from various correspondents, 1859-1904

Owen Fawcett, Harry W. Williams (Correspondent), R. F. Trevellick (Correspondent), Fred Stinson (Correspondent), Lytton Edward Sothern (Correspondent), Sam Sothern (Correspondent), John H. Selwyn (Correspondent), J. Wesley Rosenquest (Correspondent), John Rickaby (Correspondent), John T. Rich (Correspondent), John T. Raymond (Correspondent), Charles Roehr Pope (Correspondent), Joseph D. Murphy (Correspondent), John Moore (Correspondent), Frank Mayo (Correspondent), John L. Mathews (Correspondent), John Malone (Correspondent), James Hubert McVicker (Correspondent), W. B. Lawrence (Correspondent), Charles B. Hanford (Correspondent), J. Clinton Hall (Correspondent), Hamilton Griffin (Correspondent), Thomas H. Glenny (Correspondent), Vaughan Glaser (Correspondent), Daniel Frohman (Correspondent), Joseph C. Foster (Correspondent), Stephen Fiske (Correspondent), R. M. Field (Correspondent), Henry Edwards (Correspondent), Ada Dyas (Correspondent), James C. Duff (Correspondent), William Pleater Davidge (Correspondent), Thomas W. Davey (Correspondent), Augustin Daly (Correspondent), Frank H. Clements (Correspondent), John S. Clarke (Correspondent), Arthur B. Chase (Correspondent), William Adams Chapman (Correspondent), Bartley Campbell (Correspondent), Charles K. Burns (Correspondent), Theodore Bromley (Correspondent), Walter Baynham (Correspondent), W. H. Bowditch (Correspondent), Charles E. Bunnell (Correspondent), C. Leslie Allen (Correspondent), John W. Albaugh (Correspondent), Emma Grattan (Correspondent), James Henry Stoddart, National Polish Society
Correspondents: J.W. Albaugh, Charles Leslie Allen, Walter Baynham, Charles E. Bu[n?]nell, W.H. Bowditch, Theodore Bromley, Charles K. Burns, Bartley Campbell, W.A. Chapman, Arthur B. Chase, J.S. Clarke, Frank Clements, Augustin Daly, Thomas Davey, William Davidge, J.C. Duff, Ada Dyas, Hy Edwards, R.M. Field, Stephen Fiske, J.C. Foster, Daniel Frohman, Vaughan Glaser, T.H. Glenney, Hamilton Griffin, J.C. Hall, C.B. Hanford, W.B. Lawrence, J.H. McVicker, John Malone, John L. Mathews, Frank Mayo, John Moore, J.D. Murphy, National Polish Society, Charles Pope, J.T. Raymond, John Rich, John Rickaby, J.W. Rosenquest, J.H. Selwyn, Mr. and Mrs. G.E.A.T. Sothern, Lytton Sothern, Fred Stinson, R.F. Trevellick, and Harry Williams. Some letters undated. Also included is a letter from Emma Courtaine to J.H. Stoddart
Manuscript, English, 1859
59 items.
The collection was probably intended for use in future publication of Fawcett's memoirs or of similar work on theatrical history