Front cover image for Beyond racism : race and inequality in Brazil, South Africa, and the United States

Beyond racism : race and inequality in Brazil, South Africa, and the United States

Print Book, English, 2001
Lynne Rienner Publishers, Boulder, Co., 2001
Cross-cultural studies
xiv, 627 pages ; 24 cm
9781588260260, 9781588260024, 1588260267, 158826002X
Race and racism in historical perspective: comparing the United States, South Africa, and Brazil / George M. Fredrickson
PART 1: COUNTRY PORTRAITS: The Second Republic: race, inequality, and democracy in South Africa / Wilmot James and Jeffrey Lever
Combating racism in South Africa: redress/remedies / Mamphela Ramphele
Whiteness in the rainbow: experiencing the loss of privilege in the new South Africa / Melissa Steyn
Dance of deceptiion: a reading of race relations in Brazil / Abdias do Nascimento and Elisa Larkin Nascimento
The misadventures of nonracism in Brazil / Antonio Sergio Alfredo Guimaraes
Not yet "E pluribus unum" : racism, America's Achilles Heel / Charles V. Hamilton
The women's movement in the United States: confronting racism and sexism / Leslie R. Wolfe
The social construction of racial privilege in the United States: an asset perspective / Melvin L. Oliver
PART 2: COMPARATIVE ISSUES: Race, human capital inequality, and income distribution / Lesley O'Connell and nancy Birdsall
Globalization: a view from the South / Francis Wilson
GDP increases from ending long-term discrimination against Blacks / Jonas Zoninsein
Transformative action: a strategy for ending racial hierarchy and achieving true democracy / John A. Powell
The seven deadly myths of the U.S. nonprofit sector: implications for promoting social justice worldwide / Emmett D. Carson
Racial discrimination as a violation of international law: international standards and mechanisms / Gay McDougall
PART 3: PROSPECTS: Prospects for a nonracial future in South Africa / Neville Alexander
It's in the blood: notes on racial attitudes in Brazil from a different perspective / Elisa Larkin Nascimento
"Bluebeard's Castle": an American fairy tale / Derrick Bell
Reflections on "Bluebeard's Castle" / Derrick Bell [and others]
Concluding note / Charles V. Hamilton
Comparative anthology developed under the auspices of the Comparative Human Relations Initiative