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Black helicopters

Blythe Woolston (Author)
I'm Valkyrie White. I'm fifteen. Your govenrment killed my family. Then: Ever since Mabby died while picking beans in their garden -- with the pock-a-pock of a helicopter overhead -- Valkyrie knows what her job is: hide in the underground den with her brother, Bo, while Da is working, because Those People will kill them like coyotes. One Year Ago: Those People have come. It has to be them, because when Valkyrie and Bo return from a lesson of alert and ready, everything is on fire and Da is gone. But they've been trained by their Da for this: It's time to wait. Time to prepare. Time to be invisible. Last Fall: Maybe Da's not coming back. Maybe. So Bo and Valkyrie must enter the outside world -- a not-so-smart world where little boys wear their names on their backpacks and young men don't pat down strangers before offering a lift. People should be more careful. This Afternoon: Valkyrie finds herself in a twisted game of life and death where winning is all that matters. And in a final, trigger-tense moment of when and where and who, it all comes down to...Now. -- From dust jacket
Print Book, English, 2013
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Candlewick Press, Somerville, MA, 2013