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Brown boys

Hans Masoe (Film director, Screenwriter), Johnny Aukusitino (Actor), Jesme Fa'auuga (Actor), Tom Natoealofa (Actor), Lagi Farani (Actor), Peter Leaupepe (Actor), Aleni Tufuga (Actor), Rialto Distribution (Firm) (Publisher, Copyright holder)
"Brown Boys is a comedic coming of age film about six Samoan men in South Auckland. Their world is changing and they must move past the stage of going out, drinking and womanising.This is a story of brotherhood, growing up and love. The Brown Boys spend their weekends drinking, partying and chasing girls. Peter the Player, Kiligi the Bad Influence, Magele the Tough Guy, Luka the Drunken Master, Siaki the Weird Guy and Mickey the Baby - they are family by blood and by choice.When one of the boys expresses a desire to settle down, it causes reactions among the group that could rupture their bonds of friendship and family forever"--
DVD Video, English, 2019
Rialto Distribution, Auckland, N.Z., 2019