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Cancer, intimacy and sexuality : a practical approach

Yacov Reisman (Editor), Woet L. Gianotten (Editor)
This book provides a wide-ranging overview of the sexual consequences of cancer and its treatment with the aim of equipping physicians and other health care providers with the awareness and knowledge required in order to offer patients effective treatment. While sexuality may not be the primary focus for cancer patients, at some point, whether because of sexual changes of relationship issues, many patients come to acknowledge the effects that cancer and its treatment have had on their sexuality. Although the impacts are frequently similar, significant variation is observed. Some patients experience changes in all phases of sexual response, while others experience none; moreover, the consequences of the effects may be felt differently by patients and partners. Unfortunately, many physicians and health care providers remain insufficiently aware of the impact of cancer on sexuality and/or lack knowledge about the concerns of patients and the available treatments and coping strategies. A further issue is the reticence of physicians to discuss sexuality and the fear of sexologists to talk to patients about cancer. Readers will find this book to be a rich source of help in overcoming these constraints and delivering suitable care to patients
eBook, English, 2017
Springer, Cham, Switzerland, 2017
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In Memoriam: Hilde de Vocht (1960-2016); 1: Introduction; References; 2: Awareness and€Paying Attention; 3: The Value of€Paying Attention; 3.1 Introduction; 3.2 Arguments Why This Area Is Not Discussed; 3.2.1 Professionals; 3.2.2 Patients; 3.3 Why Pay Attention; 3.4 The Benefits/Obligations of€Paying Attention; 3.5 The Health Benefits of€Sexual Expression and€Intimacy; 3.6 The Benefits for€the€Professional Relationship; 3.7 How; 3.8 Appendix; References; 4: Relevant Aspects of€Sexuality; 4.1 Introduction; 4.2 Male-Female Differences; 4.3 Sexual Response. 4.4 Sexual Desire4.4.1 Sexual Excitement/Sexual Arousal; 4.4.2 Orgasm Phase; 4.5 Androgens/Testosterone; 4.6 Sexual Dysfunctions; 4.6.1 Sexual Desire Problems; 4.6.2 Arousal Problems; 4.6.3 Orgasm Problems/Ejaculation Problems; 4.7 Epilogue; References; 5: The Various Levels of€Impact; 5.1 Sexual Function; 5.1.1 Sexual Desire Disturbances; 5.1.2 Arousal Problems; 5.1.3 Orgasm Problems/Ejaculation Problems; 5.2 Sexual Identity; 5.2.1 Symbols; 5.2.2 Appearance; 5.2.3 Performance; 5.2.4 Fertility; 5.3 Sexual Relationship; 5.4 Sexual Equipment; 5.5 Fertility Aspects. 5.6 EpilogueReferences; 6: A Comprehensive Guideline on Sexual Care in Case of Cancer; 6.1 Introduction; 6.2 Why Develop Standards of Care/Clinical Guidelines on Cancer and Sexuality?; 6.2.1 Epidemiology; 6.2.2 Medical Advances; 6.2.3 Changes in Society; 6.3 Objectives of the French Guidelines "Cancer, Sexual Health and Intimate Life"; 6.3.1 The Individual Plan; 6.3.2 The Collective Plan; 6.4 Cancer and Sexuality: For Whom?; 6.5 Cancer and Sexuality: For Which Cancer and for Which Treatments?; 6.6 Which Sexual Problems? 6.7 Cancer and€Sexuality: When to€Tackle It with€Patient and€Couple?6.8 Cancer and€Sexuality: Who Should Address It?; 6.9 Cancer and€Sexuality: How to€Speak About It?; 6.10 What Is the€Place of€the€"Oncosexologist"?; References; 7: Training in Oncosexology; 7.1 The Workshop Model; 7.1.1 One-way Lecturing; 7.1.2 Skills-building; 7.1.3 Plenary Interactive; 7.1.4 Homework Skills Exercises; 7.2 The Extended Workshop or Master Class Model; 7.3 The Intense Course Model; 7.4 Conditions for€Real and€Permanent Change; References; 8: Sexual Consequences of€the€Various Process Phases. 8.1 Before the€Diagnosis8.2 The Diagnosis; 8.3 The Decision Phase; 8.4 The Treatment Phase; 8.5 The Rehabilitation Phase; 8.6 The Survivor Phase; 8.7 The Palliative Phase; 8.8 A Short Glossary of€Various Treatment Strategies; 8.8.1 Surgery; 8.8.2 Chemotherapy; 8.8.3 Radiotherapy; 8.8.4 Adjuvant Therapy; 8.8.5 Neoadjuvant Therapy; 8.8.6 Radio-chemotherapy; 8.8.7 Targeted Therapy; 8.8.8 Hormonal Therapy; References; 9: Psychosexual Consequences of€Cancer Diagnosis; 9.1 Introduction; 9.2 Impact of€Diagnosis on€Sexuality and€Intimacy; 9.3 Cancer, Negative Mood, and€Sexuality
"In honor of Hilde de Vocht."