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Characteristics of multilane traffic flow from aerial data

Over the past few years, the Federal Highway Administration has collected aerial traffic flow data by time-lapse photography with a helicopter-mounted camera. The raw car trajectories developed from this data base are discrete in time. In this study, a methodology was developed to produce continuous car trajectories from the discrete data base, i.e., the data base thus obtained gives location, speed and acceleration as a continuous function of time. These continuous car trajectories were then used to develop some microscopic and macroscopic characteristics of multilane traffic flow
Print Book, English, 1976
Dept. of Transportation, Office of the Secretary, Office of University Research ; For sale by the National Technical Information Service, Washington, Springfield, Va., 1976
118 pages : illustrations ; 28 x cm
Executive summary
Data preparation
Microscopic analyses
Macroscopic analyses
Summary and conclusions
Prepared by Dept. of Industrial & Systems Engineering, Univ. of Southern California, under contract DOT-OS-50122
Final report; issued Oct. 1976