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Child rearing in the Lebanon

As the reader will soon discover, the author believes that the study of child rearing in Lebanon is of importance both to the student of psychology and to the student of Middle Eastern culture. This is a report of a study of several hundred mothers and children of that tiny eastern Mediterranean country know to its inhabitants as the Greater Lebanon. To the historian, the economist, or the anthropologist some apology may be due for presenting only a few brief extracts from the enormous fund of knowledge they have accumulated on Lebanon
Print Book, English, 1961
Harvard University Press, Cambridge, 1961
viii, 186 pages 21 cm.
1. The land and the people
- 2. Problems and procedures in child study
- 3. Some demographic characteristics of the families studied
- 4. Infant indulgence and maternal warmth
- 5. Feeding, weaning, and toilet training
- 6. Aggression, discipline, and conscience
- 7. Sex and sex roles
- 8. Dependency and achievement
- 9. Patterns in child-rearing practices