Front cover image for Christian meditation : experiencing the presence of God

Christian meditation : experiencing the presence of God

This text introduces an ancient practice to a contemporary audience, teaching readers to expand, or begin, their meditation practices in union with their faith and helping them discover that divine moments of awakened consciousness can lead to a deeper connection with Christ.
Print Book, English, 2004
SPCK, London, 2004
xii, 290 pages ; 21 cm
9780281056903, 0281056900
1. Divine destination
2. Learning to meditate
3. Meditative experience
4. A ladder to heaven
5. A monastery without walls
6. The self-transforming journey
7. Entering the mind of Christ
8. Present, open, and awake
9. Sit still
10. Sit straight
11. Slow, deep, natural breathing
12. Eyes closed or lowered toward the ground
13. Walking meditation
14. Compassion