Front cover image for Collection of autograph letters, ca. 1822-ca. 1902

Collection of autograph letters, ca. 1822-ca. 1902

An edition of William Powell Frith's 'Autobiography and Reminiscences', with 'Further Reminiscences' in 9 v. extra-illustrated with ca. 160 autograph letters plus ca. 400 engravings, prints, newspaper clippings, postcards, broadsides and photographs. Letters (including seven from Frith) are from artist contemporaries of Frith's (painters, engravers, etc.) and talk about work in progress, the business of the Royal Academy or furnish biographical information. The letters (and corresponding photographs and illustrative materials) are bound-in where individuals are mentioned in the text; the index, occasionally, can be used to locate these. Other letters are from notable authors, actors, clergymen and politicians; some are addressed to Ernest Gambart. Individuals represented in the collection include E.A. Sothern, Joseph Nollekens [with pencil sketch], William Etty, Thomas Faed, Paul Delaroche, E.J. Poynter, Cardinal Manning, J.E. Millais, S.L. Fildes, Lady Burdette-Coutts, Shirley Brooks, John Doran, W.H. Hunt, Henrietta Ward, L. Alma Tadema, Edmund Yates, G.A. Sala, Mrs. S.C. Hall, J. Toole, Charles Barry, Clarkson Stanfield, James Ward, Sir George Hayter, Sir A.W. Callcott (to Copley Fielding), W. Calder Marshall, George Barrett, Adelaide A. Proctor, E.W. Cooke, Francis Chantrey, Thomas Woolner, Samuel Cousins, David Cox, Sir Frederic Leighton, Amelia B. Edwards, M.E. Braddon, Harry Furniss, F.C. Burnand, Madge Kendal, and Adelina Patti
Archival Material, English, 1822