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[Commissions concerning Edward Cazneau, 1834-1865]

Collection of nine commissions issued to Edward Cazneau of Hingham, MA: Military commission as captain of a company of light infantry in the 2nd regiment, 1st brigade, 1st division, 13 January 1834; Military commission as lieutenant colonel of the regiment of light infantry, 1st bridage, 1st division, 9 May 1838; Military discharge dated 10 April 1840; Commission as deputy collector and inspector for the district of Boston and Charlestown, 12 May 1846; Two credentials as senator for district of Plymouth 1849, 1850; and three Commissions as justice of the peace for Plymouth County, 12 June 1851, 13 May 1858, 9 May 1865. Includes a letter from Collector's Office, Custon House, boston 3 June 1847 concerning the pay for a deputy collector
Archival Material, English, 1834