Front cover image for Correspondence : Barroeta and Engelmann, 1878-1882

Correspondence : Barroeta and Engelmann, 1878-1882

Incoming correspondence to George Engelmann from Gregorio Barroeta, for 1878-1882. The correspondence relates to Opuntia tunicata, common name Clarellina, with field notes. Sending Tuna cardona, Tuna cuija, Opuntia and Agave seeds. Description of Lechuguila, Palma. Description of uses and origin of 'Amolli.' Discussion of fibers and mescal alcohol from Agave. Results of snow on vegetation in Tierras Calientes. Sending specimens of Yucca and palms in roadworks between San Luis and Tampico. Meterological investigations of 1880 from San Luis Potosi
Manuscript, English, 1874