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Daybreak Star Preschool activities book

"This book is meant to provide children with an opportunity to learn from materials that are reflective of the cultures of all children. The Native American child is provided the opportunity to develop a positive self-image by learning academic skills from educational materials reflecting her/his own culture. At the same time, a preschool that provides these kinds of materials builds in the non-Indian child an awareness and sensitivity towards a culture that is different from her/his own"--Preface
Print Book, English, 1979
United Indians of All Tribes Foundation, Seattle, Wash., 1979
Instructional and educational works
57 pages : illustrations ; 36 cm
Number cards
Lotto games
Puzzles made of illustration board
Series of ccardboard number readiness puzzles
Lacing card kits
Dominoes/matching blocks
Wooden sequence puzzle
Multi-purpose wooden number puzzle
Circular wooden puzzle
Rectangular wooden puzzles
A teacher's "how-to" book