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Encyclopedia of women and gender : sex similarities and differences and the impact of society on gender

The study of gender differences began in earnest in the 1970s and has since increased dramatically to infiltrate virtually all fields of study in the social and behavioral sciences. Along the way, it was discovered that while women very often think and behave differently than do men, industrialized societies cater to masculine perspectives. The "Psychology of Women" emerged as a field of study focusing on just those areas in which women most often butted against assumed roles. And similarly, in the 1990s, the "Psychology of Men" emerged to focus on the same issues for men. The Encyclopedia of Gender covers all three areas under one cover, discussing psychological differences in personality, cognition, and behavior, as well as biologically based differences and how those differences impact behavior. Coverage includes studies of these differences in applied settings such as education, business, the home, in politics, sports competition, etc
Print Book, English, 2001
Academic Press, San Diego, Calif., 2001
2 volumes (xvii, 1256 pages) : illustrations ; 29 cm
9780122272455, 9780122272462, 9780122272479, 0122272455, 0122272463, 0122272471
v. 1. A-K
v. 2. L-Z. Abortion and its health effects / Henry P. David and Ellie Lee
Academic aspirations and degree attainment of women / Helen S. Astin and Jennifer A. Lindholm
Academic environments : gender and ethnicity in U.S. higher education / Pamela Trotman Reid and Sue Rosenberg Zalk
Achievement / Jacquelynne S. Eccles
Adolescent gender development / Lucia F. O'Sullivan, Julia Graber, and Jeanne Brooks-Gunn
Affirmative action / Sirinda Sincharoen and Faye Crosby
Aggression and gender / Jacquelyn W. White
Aging / Janet K. Belsky
Agoraphobia, panic disorder, and gender / Iris Fodor and Jamie Epstein
Androcentrism / Susan A. Basow
Anger / Dana Crowley Jack
Anxiety / Shawn P. Cahill and Edna B. Foa
Assertiveness / Linda Carli
Battering in adult relationships / Lenore Walker
Beauty politics and patriarchy : the impact on women's lives / Cheryl Brown Travis and Kayce L. Meginnis-Payne
Body image concerns / Linda Smolak and Ruth Striegel-Moore
Career achievement : opportunities and barriers / Audrey Murrell
Child abuse : physical and sexual / Angela Bissada and John Briere
Child care : options and outcomes / Marsha Weinraub, Candace Hill, and Kathy Hirsh-Pasek
Chronic illness adjustment / Tracey Revenson
Classroom and school climate / Denise M. DeZolt and Stephen H. Hull
Counseling and psychotherapy : gender, race/ethnicity, and sexuality / Lucia Albino Gilbert and Jill Rader
Cross-cultural gender roles / Deborah Best
Cross-cultural sexual practices / Patricia Whelehan
Depression / Valerie Whiffen
Development of sex and gender : biochemistry, physiology, and experience / Ethel Tobach
Diagnosis of psychological disorders : DSM and gender / Dana Becker
Disabilities and women : deconstructing myths and reconstructing realities / Adrienne Asch, Tiffany Perkins, Michelle Fine, and Harilyn Rousso
Divorce and child custody / Katherine M. Kitzmann and Noni K. Gaylord
Eating disorders and disordered eating / Niva Piran
Emotional abuse of women / Alisha Ali and Brenda Toner
Empathy and emotional expressivity / Pamela W. Garner and Kimberly M. Estep
Entitlement / Janice Steil, Vanessa L. McGann, and Anne S. Kahn. Family roles and patterns, contemporary trends / Joy Rice
Feminist approaches to psychotherapy / Judith Worell and Dawn M. Johnson
Feminist ethics and moral psychology / Mary M. Brabeck and Anmol Satiani
Feminist family therapy / Louise B. Silverstein and Thelma Jean Goodrich
The feminist movement / Diane Kravetz and Jeanne Marecek
Feminist theories / Carolyn Zerbe Enns and Aida Sinacore
Friendship styles / Barbara Winstead and Jessica L. Griffin
Gender development : evolutionary perspectives / Cheryl Brown Travis
Gender development : gender schema theory / Carol Lynn Martin and Lisa Dinella
Gender development : psychoanalytic perspectives / Joanne E. Callan
Gender development : social learning / Bernice Lott and Diane Maluso
Gender difference research : issues and critique / Janet Shibley Hyde and Amy H. Mezulis
Gender stereotypes / Mary Kite
Hate crimes / Karen Franklin
Health and health care : how gender makes women sick / Hope Landrine and Elizabeth A. Klonoff
History of the study of gender psychology / Stephanie A. Shields and Kristen M. Eyssell
Humor / Molly Carnes
Imprisonment in the United States / Angela Browne and Erika Lichter
Individualism and collectivism / M. Brinton Lykes and Dongxiao Qin
Intimacy and love / Susan Hendrick
leadership / Virginia E. O'Leary and Elizabeth H. Flanagan
Lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals in relationships / Letitia Anne Peplau and Kristin P. Beals
Life satisfaction / Lorie A'lise Sousa and Sonja Lyubomirsky
Marriage : still "his" and "hers"? / Janice Steil
Media influences / L. Monique Ward and Allison Caruthers
Media stereotypes / Sandra Pacheco and Aída Hurtado
Media violence / Edward Donnerstein
Men and masculinity / Ronald F. Levan
Menopause / Barbara Sommer
Menstruation / Nancy Reame
Mentoring and feminist mentoring / Michelle Harway
Methods for studying gender / Ellen B. Kimmel and Mary C. Crawford
Midlife transitions / Claire A. Etaugh and Judith S. Bridges
Military women / Janice D. Yoder
Motherhood : its changing face / Paula J. Caplan. Parenting / Phyllis Bronstein
Play patterns and gender / Carolyn Pope Edwards, Lisa Knoche, and Asiye Kumru
Political behavior / Lauren E. Duncan
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) / Catherine Feuer, Deana Jefferson, and Patricia Resick
Poverty and women in the United States / Karen Fraser Wyche
Power : social and interpersonal aspects / Hilary M. Lips
Pregnancy / Carmen L. Regan
Prejudice / Nancy Lynn Baker
Prostitution : the business of sexual exploitation / Melissa Farley
Rape / Karen J. Bachar and Mary P. Koss
Recovered memories / Linda R. Stoler, Kat Quina, Anne P. DePrince and Jennifer J. Freyd
Reproductive technologies / Diane Scott-Jones
Safer sex behaviors / Jeffrey A. Kelly
Self-esteem / Kristen C. Kling and Janet Shibley Hyde
Self-fulfilling prophesies / Mark Snyder and Clifton Oyamot
Sex between therapists and clients / Ken Pope
Sex difference research : cognitive abilities / Diane Halpern
Sex-related difference research : personality / Mykol C. Hamilton
Sex segregation in education / Cynthia Fuchs Epstein and Deborah Gambs
Sexual harassment / Louise Fitzgerald, Linda L. Collinsworth, and Melanie S. Harned
Sexuality and sexual desire / Deborah L. Tolman and Lisa M. Diamond
Sexuality education : what is it, who gets it, and does it work? / Judith Daniluk and Kristina Towill
Sexually transmitted infections and their consequences / Rosemary Jadack
Social constructionist theory / Mary Gergen
Social identity / Kay Deaux
Social role theory of sex differences and similarities / Alice Eagly
Social support / Karen Rook
Sport and athletics / Diane L. Gill
Stress and coping / Sandra Graham-Bermann, Julie A. Eastin, and Eric A. Bermann
Substance abuse / M. Marlyne Kilbey and Diane Burgermeister
Test bias / Marcia C. Linn and Cathy Kessel
Torture / Ken Pope
Trauma across diverse settings / Janis Sanchez-Hucles and Patrick Hudgins
Women in nontraditional work fields / Ruth Fassinger
Work-family balance / Rosalind Chait Barnett
Working environments / Barbara Gutek