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Ethics, technology & war

Scott Douglas Sagan (Author, Editor), American Academy of Arts and Sciences (Issuing body)
"Essays explore how technological innovations and political shifts are changing the nature of warfare. Today, more than a dozen militaries employ unmanned aerial vehicles--drones--in combat operations around the world. But while drones have become an iconic weapon in the Obama administration's war on terror, the implications of the U.S. military's targeted killing program are only beginning to be understood: drones may reduce collateral damage compared with conventional weapons, but could their ease of use also breed more conflict by lowering the political costs of engagement? The rise of remote controlled warfare, cyber warfare, and autonomous weapons has raised complex questions--some new, some more familiar--about how new weapon technologies conform to the international laws of war. The use of these new technologies is further complicated by the nature of the conflict they are employed in: increasingly asymmetric warfare waged against nonstate actors. But in addition to challenges to traditional just war principles, new and emerging technologies and fresh international approaches are also providing opportunities for early warning of civil conflict, atrocity prevention, improved combat medicine, and more effective international peacekeeping."-- Publisher description
Print Book, English, 2016
The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2016