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Family abuse and its consequences : new directions in research

Family Abuse and Its Consequence contains some of the most advanced research on the prevalence, risk factors, and consequences of family violence and abuse. The volume, divided into the three major areas (of physical child abuse, violence toward women, and sexual and elder abuse), is united by a num
Print Book, English, 1988
Sage Publications, Newbury Park, 1988
318 pages ; 23 cm
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Machine derived contents note: Part One: Introduction: The Prevalence Of Family Violence
How Violent Are American Families? Estimates from the National Family Violence Resurvey and Other Studies
Murray A Straus and Richard J Gelles
Part Two: Physical Violence Against Children
Social Incompetence and the Intergenerational Transmission of Abusive Parental Practices
Robert L Burgess and Lise M Youngblade
`Normal Violence' in the Adult-Child Relationship
Frank G Bolton Jr
A Diathesis-Stress Approach to Child Maltreatment within the Family
Understanding Violent Mothers and Fathers
Phyliss D Coontz and Judith A Martin
Assessing Explanations Offered by Mothers and Fathers for Their Use of Corporal Punishment
Parental Aggressiveness and Physical Punishment in Long-Term Perspective
Joan McCord
Abused and Neglected Children with Their Peers
Carollee Howes
The Link Between Child Abuse and Juvenile Delinquency
Ellen Gray
What We Know and Recommendations for Policy and Research
Part Three: Wife Abuse
An Existential Approach to Battering
Kathleen J Ferraro
The Battered Woman Syndrome
Lenore E Walker
The Clinical Literature on Men Who Batter
James Ptacek
A Review and Critique
Concern for Power, Fear of Intimacy and Aversive Stimuli for Wife Abuse
Donald G Dutton and James J Browning
Conflict Tactics Used by Men in Marital Disputes
Linda P Rouse
Correlates of Early Violence Experience Among Men Who are Abusive Toward Female Mates
Mildred E Johnston
Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Factors Associated with Marital Violence
Gayla Margolin
Assessing Agreement of Reports of Spouse Abuse
K Daniel O'Leary and Ileana Arias
A Multivariate Investigation of Children's Adjustment of Family Violence
David A Wolfe et al
Part Four: Elder Abuse, Sexual Abuse And Dating Abuse
Elder Abuse
David Finkelhor and Karl Pillemer
Its Relationship to Other Forms of Domestic Violence
Multiple Sexual Victimization
Nancy M Shields and Christine R Hanneke
The Case of Incest and Marital Rape
Assessing the Long-Term Impact of Child Sexual Abuse
David Finkelhor and Angela Browne
A Review and Conceptualization
Date Abuse and Forced Intercourse Among College Students
John E Murphy
The Severity of Courtship Violence and the Effectiveness of Individual Precautions
James M Makepeace