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Fathers in cultural context

This reviews the latest research on fathering from every continent, from cultures representing over 50 per cent of the world's population. International experts on 14 societies and regions discuss cultural and historical influences, variations between and within cultures, and socio economic conditions and policies that impact fathering. Contributors from several disciplines provide reviews of the empirical data to help us gain an understanding of fathering worldwide. Over 1,000 studies on fathering published in languages other than English are made accessible to readers around the world. The cultures were selected based on availability of substantial research on fathering; representation of worldwide geography; a balance between large, middle, and small populations; and significance for a global understanding of fathering. Each chapter features personal case stories, photos, and maps to help readers create an engaging picture for each culture. Empirical evidence is blended with the authors' expert opinions providing a comprehensive view of what it is like to be a father in each culture. The book opens by explaining theoretical and methodological underpinnings of research on fathers. The main chapters are then organized by world regions including Asia and the Middle East, Africa, North and South America, Europe, and Australia. The conclusions chapter integrates and compares all the chapters and makes suggestions for future research
Print Book, English, 2013
Psychology Press, New York, 2013
Cross-cultural studies
xxii, 419 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9781848729476, 9781848729483, 9780203816004, 1848729472, 1848729480, 0203816005
Dedication. J. Pleck, Foreword. D. W. Shwalb, B. J. Shwalb, M. E. Lamb, Preface. Part One Introduction D. W. Shwalb, B. J. Shwalb, M. E. Lamb, Introduction. Part Two Asia X,Li, M. E. Lamb, Fathers in Chinese Culture: From Stern Disciplinarians to Involved Parents. J. Nakazawa, D. W. Shwalb, Fathering in Japan: Entering an Era of Involvement with Children. N. Chaudhary, The Father's Role in the Indian Family: A Story That Must be Told. Z. Hossain, Fathers in Muslim Families in Bangladesh and Malaysia. R. A. Ahmed, The Father's Role in the Arab World: Cultural Perspectives. Part Three Africa H. N. Fouts, Fathering in Central and East Africa: Cultural and Adaptationist Perspectives in Small-Scale Societies. N. W. Townsend, Complications of Fathering in Southern Africa: Separation, Uncertainty, and Multiple Responsibilities. Part Four Americas J. L. Roopnarine, Fathers in Caribbean Cultural Communities. A. C. Bastos, V. Volkmer-Pontes, H. Martinelli Serra, P. Brasileiro, Fathering in Brazil: A Diverse and Unknown Reality. K. E. McFadden, C. S. Tamis-LeMonda, Fathers in the U.S. Part Five Europe J. Utrata, J. M. Ispa, S. Ispa-Landa, Men on the Margins of Family Life: Fathers in Russia. L. L. Haas, C. P. Hwang, Fatherhood and Social Policy in Scandinavia. C. Lewis, Fatherhood and Fathering Research in the UK: Cultural Change and Diversity. Part Six Australia B. M. Smyth, J. A. Baxter, R. J. Fletcher, L. J. Moloney, Fathers in Australia: A Contemporary Snapshot. Part Seven Conclusions D. W. Shwalb, B. J. Shwalb, M. E. Lamb, Final Thoughts, Comparisons, and Conclusions.