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Hana, pamiętnik polskiej Żydówki

The Holocaust memoirs of Hana, 47 years old in 1939 and the mother of two young adult daughters and two sons (one of them in England). At the beginning of the war they fled from Warsaw to Zambrów (then in Belarus). Describes the deportation of the Jews of this town, among them her husband. She, her younger daughter, and her son fled with the help of smugglers back to Warsaw, where the older daughter was. Hana was caught on the way and passed through three prisons, until her children secured her release and she joined them in the Warsaw ghetto. Describes the constant fear of raids and deportations and the family's hiding places. In winter 1942-43 they escaped to the "Aryan side" and found refuge with friendly Poles. The children joined the Polish resistance and took part in the uprising of 1944. Hanna was very ill and was taken to hospital under an assumed "Aryan" identity. After the war she was reunited with her children, who all survived. (From the Bibliography of the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism)
Print Book, Polish, 1992
ATEXT, Gdańsk, 1992