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Have space suit, will travel

A journey of 167,000 lights years begins with a bar of soap? Fasten your zero gravity restraints for Robert Heinlein's novel of intergalactic adventure, a story that carries teenager Clifford "Kip" Russell from his job as soda jerk to spacesuit winner to alien abductee! Along the way Kip is joined by a pint-sized genius named PeeWee and an empathetic alien creature known as "the Mother Thing." The story of how this strange trio battles alien gangsters only to end up on trial in an intergalactic court trillions of miles from Earth features all the wicked humor, brilliant detail, and g-force drama that made Robert Heinlein the world's favorite science fiction writer. First published in 1958 as one of Heinlein's "boy's books", "Have spacesuit, will travel" soon found an adult audience as well, and has become one of the most beloved of all his novels. Now listeners can experience it as never before as the Full Cast Family of readers bring the characters to vivid new life
eAudiobook, English, 2004
Full Cast Audio, [Syracuse, N.Y.], 2004