Front cover image for Het grote Nederlandse kunst boek

Het grote Nederlandse kunst boek

Din Pieters (Author)
'Het grote Nederlandse kunst boek'offers an overview of six centuries of visual art in the Netherlands. Works by 300 Dutch painters, sculptors and photographers are depicted and described in it, from Jeroen Bosch to Karel Appel, from Hendrick de Keyser to Joep van Lieshout and Rineke Dijkstra. The book is also intended as a guide that invites you to explore it yourself: all selected works can be seen here in museums, churches or public spaces. High cloudy skies above infinite lowlands with cows and Dutch light are only part of the story. Dutch art is unthinkable without foreign influences and foreign artists who settled here. Dutch painters from Dirk Bouts to Van Gogh, from Mondriaan to De Kooning also produced their best work elsewhere. Even Rembrandt, who never left our country, liked to dress himself and his figures in an exotic way. Did he dream more of distant lands than of Amsterdam regents?
Print Book, Dutch, 2019
WBOOKS, Zwolle, 2019