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Human nature in the Bible

eBook, English, 1922, 1923 printing
C. Scribner's Sons, New York, London, 1922, 1923 printing
Criticism, interpretation, etc
1 online resource (xii pages, 2 leaves 3-333 pages)
The creation and the flood
Four great personalities
Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph
Moses and the ten commandments
Famous fighters in Canaan
Ruth, Eli, Samuel, Jonathan and King Saul
King David
Solomon in all his glory
the romantic figure of Elijah
The prophet Elisha
Downfall of Israel and Judah
the patriotic stories of Daniel and Esther
The Apocrypha
Wisdom and philosophy
Proverbs and Ecclesiastes
Human nature revealed in poetry
Job, Song of songs, Psalms, Isaiah Additional information and access via Open Library