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Island of time

T. Davis Bunn (Author)
The Geneva branch of Interpol - the international agency tasked with policing magic and the arcane arts - is where careers go to die. Action is rare as Switzerland banned magic seven hundred years ago. That's how Agent Jackson Burnett likes it. But then reports of an explosion lead Jackson to the home of businessman Bernard Bouchon. What's there is unfathomable: The family and their possessions have vanished into ash. Jackson's enigmatic new partner Luca Tami, a blind Talent able to perform magic, suspects powerful supernatural forces are at play. The family weren't killed, they've been erased from time. With all traces of the family disappearing, the case is hours away from being forgotten. How can Jackson solve a crime no one remembers happening? He must find a way to remember. He must discover who is behind the spell and why. Dangerous magics are in use, and it's clear those controlling them won't let anyone stand in their way
Print Book, English, 2022
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Severn House, Edinburgh, 2022
Paranormal fiction
202 pages ; 23 cm.
9781448308446, 9781448308569, 1448308445, 1448308569
ebook version :
"How do you hunt a man who never existed?"--Cover