Front cover image for Knowledge management and intellectual property : concepts, actors and practices from the past to the present

Knowledge management and intellectual property : concepts, actors and practices from the past to the present

Stathis Arapostathis (Editor), Graham Dutfield (Editor)
"Arapostathis and Dutfield's rich and well-edited collection offers a cogent challenge to patent-centred views of innovation. Their seventeen authors persuasively show that patenting is just one of a repertoire of tools successfully used to protect innovative work in a broad variety of context-dependent ways. It is essential reading for anyone wanting to learn about past contingencies in the transformation of techno-scientific creativity into wealth."--Graeme Gooday, University of Leeds, UK. 'Essential reading, not just for IP historians and lawyers, but for anyone concerned at the insidious corporate take-over of modern life. It explodes the fallacy that patent systems exist to safeguard inventors' interests: the 20th Century saw inventors become salaried corporate employees, universities adopt a model of academic entrepreneurship, and IPRs create their own, increasingly global, logic. Yet, from Left and Right now arise fundamental ethical questions: isn't intellectual property just legal chicanery; shouldn't knowledge be a universal, public good?' - Christine MacLeod, University of Bristol, UK. This diverse and insightful volume investigates changing patterns of knowledge management practices and intellectual property regimes across a range of different techno-scientific disciplines and cultures. The book links the practices and regimes of the past with those of contemporary and emerging forms, covering the mid-19th century to the present. The contributors are noted scholars from various disciplines including history of science and technology, intellectual property law, and innovation studies. The chapters offer original perspectives on how proprietary regimes in knowledge production processes have developed as a socio-political phenomenon of modernity, as well as providing an analysis of the way individuals, institutions and techno-sciences interact within this culture. With in-depth analysis, this book will appeal to academics and students of STS (Science, Technology and Society), history of science and technology, business history, innovation studies, law, science and technology policy as well as business studies. Historians of science and technology and business will also find much to interest them in this book
Print Book, English, 2013
Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK, 2013
xii, 306 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
9780857934383, 9780857934390, 0857934384, 0857934392
'Claim the earth' : protecting Edison's inventions at home and abroad / Paul Israel
Managing invention : setting the boundaries of ownership / Andrea R. Maestrejuan
The photographic paper that made Leo Baekeland's reputation : entrepreneurial incentives for not patenting / Joris Mercelis
Software piracy : not necessarily evil, or, its role in software development in Greece / Theodore Lekkas
Collective invention and patent law individualism, 1877-2012, or, The curious persistence of inventor's moral right / Graham Dutfield
Something in the air : the Post Office and early wireless, 1882-1899 / Elizabeth Bruton
Contested inventors : British patent disputes and the culture of invention in the late nineteenth century / Stathis Arapostathis
From colour TV war to non-aggression pact : patents as actants of techno-political diplomacy in a European standardization process / Andreas Fickers
Commerce and academe : American universities as hosts of entrepreneurial science, 1880-1920 / Susan W. Morris
Managing knowledge in 'systematised plant breeding' : Mendelism and British agricultural science, 1900-1930 / Berris Charnley
Patenting the atom : the controversial management of state secrecy and intellectual property rights in atomic research / Simone Turchetti
The international patent system and the ethics of global justice / Henk van den Belt and Michiel Korthals
Intellectual property rights in the plant sciences and development goals in agriculture : an historical perspective / Niels Louwaars, Bram de Jonge and Peter Munyi
Business TRIPS : American corporations and patents head to the global south, 1950-2010 / Eda Kranakis
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