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Law, policy and international justice : essays in honour of Maxwell Cohen.

Law, Policy, and International Justice is a collection of essays published in honour of Judge Maxwell Cohen. As a law professor, dean, and scholar, and through domestic and international public service, Cohen has played an important part in determining the direction of the law and legal institutions in Canada as well as internationally.
Print Book, English, 1993
McGill-Queen's University Press, Montreal, QC, 1993
9780773511149, 0773511148
The Right Honourable Brian Dickson
International law
Legal aspects of the Gulf War of 1991 and its aftermath / Oscar Schachter
The agent in litigation in the International Court of Justice / Shabtai Rosenne
The case for an Arctic Region Council and a treaty proposal / Donat Pharand
International human rights law in Canadian courts / Anne F. Bayefsky
Free trade in criminals: Canadian-American extradition before 1890 / Dale Gibson
International dispute settlement under the Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement / Donald McRae Public law
Maxwell Cohen's perspective on human rights in Canada: the entrenchment of the Charter and the enactment of the Emergencies Act / Annemieke Holthuis
Maxwell Cohen and the report of the Special Committee on Hate Propaganda / William Kaplan
The right to protection against group-vilifying speech: towards a model factum in support of anti-hate legislation / Irwin Cotler
The Charter of Rights and Freedoms and positive obligations / William W. Black
Language and Canadian public law / Julius Grey Legal history
The writ of habeas corpus in early modern England: a view from within / Louis A. Knafla
Habeas corpus and the case of the man who escaped from Devil's Island / Robert J. Sharpe
Legal education
Dreaming the impossible dream: Maxwell Cohen and McGill's national law programme / Roderick A. MacDonald
Anglophone Quebec and the quiet revolution: Maxwell Cohen at McGill University / Edward McWhinney
Maxwell Cohen and the theory and practice of Canadian legal education / J.P.S. McLaren
The role of the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice in the development of judicial education in Canada / David C. McDonald
The founding of the Canadian Judicial Centre / William Stevenson
Bibliography: Maxwell Cohen: an overview of his publications / Annemieke Holthuis