Front cover image for Let me be a free man : a documentary history of Indian resistance

Let me be a free man : a documentary history of Indian resistance

An anthology of Indian writings tracing the history of Indian resistance from 1607 through the Wounded Knee trial in 1974
Print Book, English, [1975]
Lerner Publications Co., Minneapolis, [1975]
collective biographies
183 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
9780822506409, 0822506408
Conquest: 1607-1890
"Why should you destroy us?" / King Powhatan
"All our ancient customs are disregarded" / King Philp
"Where the White people are, there is no peace" / Tecumseh
"I took up the hatchet to avenge injuries" / Black Hawk
"Let me be a free man" / Chief Joseph
"Here I will die" / Yellow Wolf
"All I want is right and justice" / Red Cloud
"Our people are blindly deceived" / Sitting Bull
"We have all lost our way" / Black Kettle
"I am ready to fight" / Two Moons
"The greatest of wrongs" / Geronimo
"I can still see the butchered women and children" / Black Elk
"The terrible slaughter at Wounded Knee" / Chief Luther Standing Bear
Recovery: Revolt in the Twentieth Century: Early reservation years
"Confined behind fences; "Visiting Wounded Knee" / Vine Deloria, Jr
"That infamous White Man's boarding school" / Leroy B. Selam
"The Sioux had survived their greatest ordeal" / Vine Deloria
Rebirth of Indian Nationalism: "After the war" / Vine Deloria
"I seek a direction from our elders" / Lorrena Deal
"We do not want to be absorbed by a sick society" / Mad Bear Anderson
"A treaty is an eternal word" / American Indian Chicago Conference
"I fear that you wil destroy the Senecas" / George D. Heron
"Will American Indians wait?" / Clyde Warrior
"We meet in a time of darkness" / Council of the five county Cherokees
"The country should take heed" / Clyde Warrior
Indian Way: "I am sorry for you" / Fred Red Cloud
"City mind prison" / Denise Lassaw
"We have to fight back" / Wahleah Lujan
"Together, as the eagle and the sky" / North American Unity Convention
New Indian uprising: "We hold the Rock!" / Alcatraz Indians
"We have come too far to start giving land back to the White Man" / John Trudell
"We are a proud people!" / Alcatraz Indians
"Every Indian has been wounded a thousand times before" / Hank Adams
"A man cannot trespass upon his own land" / Darryl B. Wilson
"We have recaptured the property" / Herbert Powless
"When we got to Washington, the doors were closed" / Clyde Bellecourt
"An act of war" / Russell Means; "Our willingness to give our lives'; "We are the landlords of this country" / Clyde Bellecourt
"The inequities of the government's land-leasing system" / Dennis Banks
"The struggle for the continuing independence of Native Nations" / International Indian Treaty Council
People unified by their humanitiy: "We will survive" / Vine Deloria