Front cover image for Master of laws in intellectual property post-graduate specialization course on intellectual property : collection of research papers 2006

Master of laws in intellectual property post-graduate specialization course on intellectual property : collection of research papers 2006

Print Book, English, 2006
WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), Geneva, Switzerland, 2006
vii, 732 pages : illustrations ; 30 cm
9789280515541, 9280515543
Rethinking Canada's experimental use exception to patent infringement / Jonathan Roch
Intellectual property and patent protection and licensing in public universities; international experiences and the Kenya case study / Rebecca Ngondo
Compulsory licensing and public health : options for developing countries / Javaid Akhter, Le Hoang Tung, and Monika Yadav
Alternative approaches to intellectual property protection of biopharmaceutical innovation from a floss perspective / Andrea Glorioso, Cherif Habib, and Andres Izquierdo
Redefining ethical considerations in the patentability of human biotech inventions / Sunsley Zisengwe
An assessment of the implications and options for developing countries of the doctrine of equivalents in patent law : a case study of Jamaica and Swaziland / N. Simphiwe Shabangu and Maurice Tomlinson
Traditional knowledge as prior art in the patent system / Mamoretlo Mohapi
Transfer of formal technology and of traditional knowledge / Rita Coco and Xu Lin
The counterfeiting of drugs in developing countries / Ahmad M. Al-Zu'bi, Jamal D. Salman, and Elnazeer E. Osman
Private copies : getting the balance right ; a suggested approach to Brazilian and Argentinean laws addressing the digital dilemma / Rodrigo Azevedo and Nicolas Hermida
Protection of new plant varieties, the use of biotechnology and implementation of Article 27.3(B) of TRIPS Agreement : options for developing countries / Aaisha Makhdum and Yuliati
Selected issues of intellectual property enforcement in a developing country : Sudan as a case study / Adil Shams Eldin Mohamed
Assessing trademark infringement on the Internet and the impact of the joint recommendations on Internet use / Mathias Brosset, Massimiliano de Santis, and Dennis Gehnen
Protection of well-known marks in China : comparative law / Luca Annone and Zheng Yanni
Problems of copyright piracy and infringement in the CIS countries / Sholpan Abdreyeva
Limitations and exceptions on copyright and the three-step test / Maryam Amuzegar
"L'art pour l'art ou l'art pour les Heritiers?" An analysis of the after-death copyright protection for works of visual arts / Giacomo Moleri
Protection of Olympic symbols and related matters : past, present and future / Alexei Drozdovskii
The migration of intellectual property to the Internet
online dispute resolution : shaping justice to meet the needs of a technology-driven world / Ashfad Ahmed Khan and Sabrina Zito
Museums are prisons? Public domain reproductions in the cage of ownership rights / Alessandro Mininno
Effective enforcement mechanisms of intellectual property rights vis-a-vis economic development ; Zambian case study / Arthur Sike
Software license agreements and the applicable law : a comparative perspective from common law and civil law / Severine Abis and Renata Avila
"June 1, 2005 to January 31, 2006."
"Compiled by the WIPO Worldwide Academy."
WIPO Publication No. 797(E)