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Mental disorders of the new millennium

Print Book, English, 2006
Praeger, Westport, Conn., 2006
3 volumes ; 25 cm.
9780275987817, 9780275987824, 9780275987831, 9780275987848, 0275987817, 0275987825, 0275987833, 0275987841
V. 1. Behavioral issues. The psychopathy of everyday life / Marty Kantor ; Narcissism: Greek tragedy, psychological syndrome, cultural norm / Jerrold Lee Shapiro and Susan Bernadett-Shapiro ; Anger disorders: diagnosing an unrecognized mood disorder / Heather C. Lench ; An overview of pathological gambling / Mark Griffiths ; Kleptomania / Jon Grant and Daniel Kim ; Mood disorders in children and adolescents / Jarrod M. Leffler and Mary A. Fristad ; Adult depression: characteristics, burdens, models, and interventions / Michael J. Constantino [and others] ; The will to die / Viola Mecke ; Helping adolescents with self-injurious behavior: cutting in developmental context / Lori Goldfarb Plante ; Reading, writing, and therapy: mental health issues among college students / Julie B. Jampel ; Pedophile priests: what do we know about Catholic clergy who sexually victimize minors? / Thomas G. Plante ; Specific phobia: a common problem, rarely treated / Christine D. Scher [and others] ; Conclusion: how might we prevent abnormal behavior from occurring and developing / Thomas G. Plante
v. 2. Public and social problems. Post-traumatic stress disorder among U.S. combat veterans / Stanley Krippner and Daryl S. Paulson ; Family violence: understanding the truth or paying the consequences / Christina M. Dalpiaz ; Abuse and neglect of older adults: what do we know about it and how can we identify it? / Daphne Nahmiash ; Homicide-suicide: an overview / Julie E. Malphurs and Maria Llorente ; Mothers who kill their children: considering patterns, prevention, and intervention / Cheryl L. Meyer and Michelle Oberman ; When the peer group becomes the parent: social and developmental issues associated with youth gangs / Mike Axelman and Sara Bonnell ; Substance abuse among adolescents / Steve Sussman, Silvana Skara, and Susan L. Ames ; Workaholism / Ronald J. Burke ; The remarkable normalcy of dying to kill in holy war / Rona Fields ; Culture in psychopathology
psychopathology in culture: taking a fresh look at an old problem / Juris G. Draguns ; How the effects of traumatic experience are passed 'unto the following generations' / Judith Issroff ; Conclusion: how might we prevent abnormal behavior from occurring and developing / Thomas G. Plante. V. 3. Biology and function. Postpartum depression: more than the 'baby blues?' / Rudy Nydegger ; Persons with mental retardation: scientific, clinical, and policy advances / Robert M. Hodapp [and others] ; Autism spectrum disorders: a crisis of urgent public concern / Ruth E. Cook ; Frequently asked questions about attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD) / Carolyn Pender and Bradley Smith ; Obsessive-compulsive disorder: diagnostic, treatment, gender, and cultural issues / Rudy Nydegger and Michele Paludi ; Eating disorders: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder / Jennifer Couturier and James Lock ; Body dysmorphic disorder: when does concern about appearance become pathological? / Shauna L. Shapiro and Angela Gavin ; Munchausen by proxy / Catherine C. Ayoub ; Alzheimer's disease: new concepts in diagnosis, treatment, and management / James E. Soukup ; The scientific foundations of gender identity disorders / Leslie M. Lothstein ; Sexual orientation and mental health: what the behavioral sciences know about sexual orientation and why it matters / John C. Gonsirek ; Conclusion: how might we prevent abnormal behavior from occurring and developing / Thomas G. Plante