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Philosophy, rhetoric, literary criticism : (inter)views

Print Book, English, ©1994
Southern Illinois University Press, Carbondale, ©1994
xii, 250 pages ; 24 cm
9780809319084, 080931908X
Language philosophy, writing, and reading : a conversation with Donald Davidson / Thomas Kent
The malaprop in spite of herself : a desperate reading of Donald Davidson / Susan Wells
A response to "Language philosophy, writing, and reading : a conversation with Donald Davidson" / Reed Way Dasenbrock
Fish tales : a conversation with "the contemporary sophist" / Gary A. Olson
A response to "Fish tales : a conversation with 'the contemporary sophist'" / Patricia Bizzell
"Fish tales" and the politics of anti-professionalism / John Trimbur
bell hooks and the politics of literacy : a conversation / Gary A. Olson
bell hooks on literacy and teaching : a response / Joyce Irene Middleton
Literacy and activism : a response to bell hooks / Tom Fox. Rhetoric, cultural studies, and the future of critical theory : a conversation with J. Hillis Miller / Gary A. Olson
On transforming the English Department : a response to J. Hillis Miller / Patricia Harkin
Learning about learning about deconstruction : an epi(tryingtobe)gone / Jasper Neel
Jane Tompkins and the politics of writing, scholarship, and pedagogy / Gary A. Olson
Encounters with Jane Tompkins / Susan C. Jarratt
Lit/comp : a response to Jane Tompkins / Elizabeth A. Flynn
Literary theory, philosophy of science, and persuasive discourse : thoughts from a neo-premodernist / Gary A. Olson
"The good man speaking well," or business as usual / Arabella Lyon
Novissimum organum : phronesis on the rebound / C. Jan Swearingen
Commentary : The performance model of teaching and scholarship / David Bleich