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Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

Annie Dillard (Author), Gloria Adelson (Book designer)
What is the true nature of Nature? Is it a harmonious, interconnected system, operating according to the principles of co-dependence and benevolence? Or is it red in tooth and claw, an unfeeling, unthinking force, in which the individual is overwhelmed and subsumed to serve a larger purpose, one mysterious and obscure? This is what this volume is all about: an exploration into the nature of Nature, an attempt to discover the true character of the natural world around us. Appropriately, it is neither a rapturous celebration of Nature, nor a grim survey of its various cruelties. Rather, like Nature itself, it is something in between, and something quite beautiful. It is a collection of related essays recounting the author's thoughts on Nature as she observes the ecological happenings of the eponymous Tinker Creek in Virginia's Blue Ridge valley for a period of several years
Print Book, English, 1974
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Harper's Magazine Press, New York, 1974
271 pages ; 25 cm
9780061219801, 0061219800
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Untying the knot
The present
The horns of the Altar
The waters of separation
Designed by Gloria Adelson