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Playing Shakespeare : an actor's guide

Now in its first American edition, "Playing Shakespeare" is the premier guide to understanding and appreciating the mastery of the world's greatest playwright. Together with Royal Shakespeare Company actors, among them Patrick Stewart, Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, Ben Kingsley, and David Suchet, John Barton demonstrates how to adapt Elizabethan theater for the modern stage
eBook, English, [2010]
Anchor Books, New York, [2010]
1 online resource (222 pages)
9780307773913, 0307773914
The two traditions: Elizabethan and modern acting
Using the verse: heightened and naturalistic verse
Language and character: making the words one's own
Using the prose: why does Shakespeare use prose?
Set speeches and soliloquies: taking the audience with you
Using the sonnets: going over some old ground
Irony and ambiguity: text that isn't what it seems
Passion and coolness: a question of balance
Rehearsing the text: Orsino and Viola
Exploring a character: playing Shylock
Contemporary Shakespeare: a discussion
Poetry and hidden poetry: three kinds of failure