Front cover image for Privileged access : philosophical accounts of self-knowledge

Privileged access : philosophical accounts of self-knowledge

Brie Gertler (Editor)
eBook, English, 2016
Routledge, London [England], 2016
1 online resource (289 pages)
9780754616474, 9781351908726, 0754616479, 1351908723
Contents: Introduction; How do you know you are not a zombie?, Fred Dretske; Dretske's ways of introspecting, William G. Lycan; Representationalism and the transparency of experience, Michael Tye; Knowing what it's like, Joseph Levine; Is introspection inferential?, Murat Aydede; Content and self-knowledge, Paul Boghossian; Conscious attitudes, attention, and self-knowledge, Christopher Peacocke; On knowing one's own mind, Sydney Shoemaker; Self-knowledge and rationality: Shoemaker on self-blindness, Charles Siewert; Wittgenstein's later philosophy of mind: sensation, privacy, and intention, Crispin Wright; Self-knowledge: discovery, resolution, and undoing, Richard Moran; Knowing selves: expression, truth, and knowledge, Dorit Bar-On and Douglas C. Long; The elusiveness thesis, immunity to error through misidentification and privileged access, José Luis Bermúdez; How to draw ontological conclusions from introspective data, Brie Gertler; Consiousness and self-knowledge, Ernest Sosa; Index.