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Readying Cavalli's operas for the stage : manuscript, edition, production

Ellen Rosand (Editor)
Francesco Cavalli is credited with inventing the opera genre as we know it. Readying Cavalli's Operas for the Stage considers, from various points of view, the current renaissance that Cavalli's works are enjoying. This collection of essays explores the multiple issues involved when transforming an operatic manuscript into a performance.
Print Book, English, 2013
Ashgate, Farnham, Surrey, England, 2013
xxviii, 412 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
9781409412182, 1409412180
Part I. Historiography of performances and editions. 1. Cavalli's operas : notes from a performing editor / Jane Glover ; 2. Editing Cavalli's operas : fashion or necessity? / Álvaro Torrente ; 3. After the premiere : the use of alternative sources in revivals of Cavalli's operas / Dinko Fabris
Part II. The manuscript scores. 4. Inside Cavalli's workshop : copies and copyists / Jennifer Williams Brown ; 5. Maria Cavalli : in the shadow of Francesco / Christine Jeanneret ; 6. Editing the performance score : toward a new understanding of seventeenth-century work concepts / Hendrik Schulze
Part III. Giasone : production and interpretation. 7. Behind the scenes of Cavalli's Giasone of 1649 / Beth L. Glixon ; 8. Spectacle and drama, or how many sets do we really need to perform seventeenth-century opera? / Jonathan Glixon ; 9. Hypsipyle, Medea, and the Ovidian imagination : taming the epic hero in Cavalli's Giasone / Wendy Hiller ; 10. Shakespeare and the golden fleece / Lawrence Manley
Part IV. Making librettos. 11. Plotting the myth of Giasone / Faustina Antonucci and Lorenzon Bianconi ; 12. Cicognini's Giasone : between music and theater / Anna Tedesco ; 13. "Ecco reciso alfine il groppo de l'inganno" : Giovanni Faustini's Euripo from the sources to the plot / Nicola Badolato
Part V. Cavalli beyond Venice. 14. Giasone : a source overview / Thomas Lin and Joseph Salem ; 15. Balbi's Febiarmonici and the first "road shows" of Giasone (1649-1653) / Nicola Michelassi ; 16. Orione in Milan : a Cavalli premiere / Davide Daolmi ; 17. "Ercole amante sconosciuto" : reconstructing the revised version of Cavalli's Parisian opera / Michael Klaper ; 18. Ercole amante, the first tragédie en musique? / Barbara Nestola Additional Information at Google Books