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Records, bulk 1927-1934

Correspondence; original manuscripts, translations and drafts of articles; organizational files and business records. Widely supported by the American and European intellectual communities, correspondents and contributors include Ruth Benedict, Franz Boas, Max Eastman, Felix Frankfurter, Carl J. Friedrich, Louis R. Gottschalk, Melville J. Herskovitz, Granville Hicks, Sidney Hook, John Maynard Keynes, Kenneth S. Latourette, Max Lerner, Bronislaw Malinowski, Karl Mannheim, Margaret Mead, Paul Miliukov, Lewis Mumford, Joseph Needham, Frederick Law Olmsted, Henri Pirenne, Roscoe Pound, Edward Sapir, and Arthur M. Schlesinger. Note, however, that many of the more famous authors wrote only one article for the encyclopaedia, and their correspondence files are accordingly small
Archival Material, English, 1927