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Reflections on the Revolution in France

The French Revolution is a defining moment in world history and has usually been first approached by English-speaking readers through the picture painted of it by Edmund Burke. This text is a classic work in a range of fields from history through political science to literature,
Print Book, English, 2001
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Stanford University Press, Stanford, Calif., 2001
446 pages ; 24 cm
9780804742054, 9780804739238, 0804742057, 0804739234
Preface Abbreviations Introduction Bibliography Reflections on the revolution in France Preface Part I. The English Constitution and the Revolution of 1688: Part II. The French Revolution: Part III. English Society: Part IV. Contrasting Principles of the French Revolution: Part V. French Society before the Revolution: Part VI. The Expropriation of the French Church: Part VII. The proceedings of the National Assembly: Conclusion Appendices Index.