Front cover image for Rental style : the ultimate guide to decorating your apartment or small home

Rental style : the ultimate guide to decorating your apartment or small home

Chelsey Brown (Author), Kimberly Duran
The must-have guide for renters and small-space dwellers. Rental Style, which doubles as a decor piece and handy design guide, shows readers how to decorate and organize small, rented spaces on a budget. The book will cover all home development stages from searching for a rental home to decorating and organizing it. Many people are reluctant to design their spaces due to renter restrictions, which leaves homes bland and boring. Rental Style will erase that unease and demonstrate how you can turn a rented space into a home using temporary, creative tricks that won't drive landlords crazy. Rental Style will demonstrate how to "renovate" a rental through clever design and budget-friendly tips and hacks on the following topics: Beating the stress of finding a home, Items to switch out when moving into a rental, Furniture to invest in when living in a small home, Decorating to maximize small spaces, Myths many renters believe, Removable products meant for renters, Incorporating more seating into your smaller home, Combating limited storage, Ways to "renovate" a rental kitchen, Hosting in a very small home, And more! The budget and time-friendly tools, tips, and advice in this book will give readers the ability to stand out among the rest and revamp their rental spaces!
Print Book, English, 2020
Skyhorse Publishing, New York, 2020
illustrated books
xiii, 161 pages : color illustrations ; 27 cm
9781510758131, 1510758135
Finding a home
Moving in
Entryway or hallway
Living room
"200 chic & modern design tips."--Cover
Includes index