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Running book discussion groups : a how-to-do-it manual

Author John, a librarian, book reviewer, writer, and experienced book-group leader, believes in the power of good book groups. Her book provides a detailed step-by-step guide to the tasks and responsibilities librarians are likely to encounter as book-group leaders conducting booktalks both on-site and online. Containing chapters on launching and running successful book-discussion groups; guides to 11 titles selected from the classics, nonfiction, best-sellers, and genre fiction; and lots of sample publicity material as well as helpful resources to lighten a busy librarian's workload (annotated bibliographies, online evaluation tools, professional organizations, and partnership strategies with checklists for getting help from bookstores, schools, and community groups), this is essential reading for anyone who may be considering taking on the role of a book-discussion-group leader and a refresher for the more experienced among us.(
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