Front cover image for Sensual reading : new approaches to reading in its relations to the senses

Sensual reading : new approaches to reading in its relations to the senses

Print Book, English, ©2001
Bucknell University Press ; Associated University Presses, Lewisburg [Pa.], London, ©2001
350 pages ; 25 cm
9780838754719, 9781611481334, 0838754716, 1611481333
Introduction : Hors d'œuvre / Michael Syrotinski
"L'échange de deux fantaisies et le contact de deux épidermes" : skin and desire / Naomi Segal
The touch of the other on the threshold of sex ; or the skin between Levinas and Irigaray / Dave Boothroyd
Long distance love : on remote sensing in Shakespeare's sonnet 109 / Ian Maclachlan
Tinternabulation : poetry ringing in the ears / Scott Brewster
Bodies of resonance / Rachel Jones
From the ear to the eye : perceptions of language in the fictions of Laurence Stern / Alexis Tadié
Language, color, and the enigma of everydayness / Michael Sheringham
Reading La lectrice / Paul Sutton
The metamorphosis of vision in the surrealist text : Jose ́María Hinojosa's "Granadas de fuego" / Jacqueline Rattray
"Promnesia" (remembering forward) in Midnight's children ; or Rushdie's Chutney versus Proust's Madeleine / Laurent Milesi
"Go hang yourself, you who have never been comfortably seated and eating an olive" : the taste and defiance of an adolescent body / Jo Croft
Sight, sound, and synaesthesia : reading the senses in Victor Segalen / Charles Forsdick
The anaesthesia of Charles Baudelaire's "Le goût du néant" / Knut Ove Elaissen
Reading (in) Proust : with the senses, beyond the senses / Jane Walling
Andy's wedding : reading Warhol / Peter Krapp
Singular sense, second hand / Peggy Kamuf
Back / Nicholas Royle