Front cover image for Teaching piano : a comprehensive guide and reference book for the instructor

Teaching piano : a comprehensive guide and reference book for the instructor

Denes Agay
An authoritative and definitive handbook for teaching piano that contains charts, glossaries, and bibliographies with a carefully compiled index of subject matter for quick reference
Print Book, English, ©1981
Yorktown Music Press, New York, etc., ©1981
Graded lists
2 volumes : illustrations, music ; 24 cm
9780825680397, 0825680395
v. 1. Foreword ; Elements of technique ; Tempo / Denes Agay
The metronome / Hazel Ghazarian Skaggs
Rhythm / Denes Agay
Teaching rhythm / Hazel Ghazarian Skaggs
Dynamics ; The riddle of the phrase ; Phrasing and articulation / Denes Agay
Fingering / Walter Robert
Pedaling technique / Joseph Banowetz
Ornamentation : theory and practice / Denes Agay
Theory : the elementary aspects : an overview and selected list of texts / Hazel Ghazarian Skaggs
Theory : the basis of musicianship / Rosetta Goodkind
Scales, modes, and related terms : a glossary ; Glossary of musical forms and dance types ; The fundamentals of music notation : Sight reading : the basics, step by step ; Memorization and performing from memory / Denes Agay
Improvisation / Sylvia Rabinof
The very young beginner / Hazel Ghazarian Skaggs
The adult beginner / Hadassah Sahr
Group piano teaching / Hazel Ghazarian Skaggs
The piano teacher and the handicapped student / Anita Louise Steele
Recitals / Hazel Ghazarian Skaggs. v. 2. Piano methods : an annotated list with descriptive chart / Hazel Ghazarian Skaggs
The repertory of piano duets : a graded annotated list / Louise and William Cheadle
Sonatinas and sonatas : a graded annotated list / John H. Diercks
Twentieth-century music for the developing pianist. A graded annotated list / Judith Lang Zaimont
Recommended editions of standard keyboard literature / John H. Diercks
Piano literature based on American folk songs / Maurice Hinson
Styles in composition and performance ; The search for authenticity (the lost art of thoroughbass playing) ; Baroque keyboard instruments / Denes Agay
Twentieth-century music : an analysis and appreciation / Judith Lang Zaimont
What is jazz? / Stuart Isacoff
Jazz and the piano teacher ; The piano teacher and popular music ; Arrangements : to teach or not to teach them ; Chart of frequently-used chords / Denes Agay. The training of the piano teacher / Hazel Ghazarian Skaggs
Four-way piano teaching : criticism, demonstration, analysis, inspiration / Walter Robert
What are the elements of a good piano lesson? / May L. Etts
Rote playing and rote teaching / Denes Agay
The tape recorder : an indispensible teaching aid / Ylda Novik
The teacher-student relationship : some common-sense suggestions / Hazel Ghazarian Skaggs
Parental involvement / Denes Agay
The business of teaching ; The piano : construction and care / Hazel Ghazarian Skaggs
The new copyright law : a primer for music teachers / Denes Agay
Teachers' organizations / Hazel Ghazarian Skaggs
The master teachers and their pupils ; The keyboard composers : a selected chronological list / Denes Agay