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The Rosie effect

Graeme C. Simsion (Author)
"Don Tillman knows humans must adapt to survive. Can he apply that theory to his marriage? Until recently, genetics professor Don Tillman had never had a second date. Then he got serious about finding a life partner, creating a sixteen-page questionnaire (see: The Rosie Project) to identify the perfect match. Instead, he fell in love with Rosie Jarman ("the world's most incompatible woman"). Now they have survived ten months and ten days of marriage. Though the fiery Rosie has taught him the joys of unscheduled sex and spontaneous meal planning, Don is still learning the principles of optimal cohabitation. He is certainly not prepared for the mother of all surprises: Rosie is unexpectedly expecting. Is Don ready to become the man he always dreamed of being? Or will he revert to his old ways and lose Rosie forever?"--Back cover
Print Book, English, 2015
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Simon & Schuster Paperbacks, New York, 2015