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The Waimate conspiracy

"Waimate, South Canterbury. Known as the centre of the south, it's home to the Whitehorse, Wallabies and the Norman Kirk memorial pool. But all is not well among the towns 2703 residents. A 140 year-old land dispute has finally come to a head with members of the Tangata Whenua determined to prove that farmer Alex McKendry's ancestors illegally took the Weka Valley land from their forebears. Hiring a top lawyer, their initial challenge is dismissed, but undeterred, claimant George Kepa sets about 'literally' digging up some hard evidence. However, their rivals always seems to be one step ahead, leaving George and his whanau no choice but to resort to extreme measures to get their appeal heard"--Case slick
DVD Video, English, ©2006
Arkles Entertainment/New Zealand Film Commission, [New Zealand?], ©2006