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The kennel caper

Jan Fields
The residents of Stony Point, Maine, are getting restless over a string of break-ins that have been plaguing the community. The burglars have hit some of the most upscale residences in Stony Point, and they seem to know just when their owners are out of town. Annie Dawson and her best friend, Alice MacFarlane, have solved many mysteries that have originated in the attic of Annie's Victorian-era home, Grey Gables, but this one has no connection to the attic. It has Annie, Alice, and the local police stymied. The common thread running through the series of crimes is a connection to a new pet kennel. If the break-ins aren't solved soon, it could ruin the business. For all that Annie and Alice know, maybe the owners are the crooks -- and their business should be ruined. When the home of Ian Butler, the dynamic mayor of the town, and Annie's beau, is hit, Annie decides that the criminals have to be dealt with once and for all. Ian and Jim Parker, Alice's on-again, off-again boyfriend, team up with Annie and Alice to go undercover and smoke the thieves out
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