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The pattern seekers : how autism drives human invention

Simon Baron-Cohen (Author)
Simon Baron-Cohen reveals the surprising answer to two apparently distinct questions: Why are humans so inventive? And why does autism exist? The first question hangs over almost every human endeavor: business people want to know how to innovate. Cognitive psychologists want to understand the nature of creativity. Evolutionary scientists and comparative psychologists want to understand why we are capable of such cultural complexity and diversity, when other animals, at best, have learned how to use a rock as a simple tool. At the same time, the study of autism has become a preeminent concern among overlapping groups, from educators to scientists to business people and parents -- and of course to people with autism themselves. Baron-Cohen argues these two questions are actually the same: understanding autism -- specifically the fixation on patterns that is considered characteristic of the condition -- is the key to understanding both the ancient origins and the modern flowering of human creativity
Print Book, English, 2020
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Basic Books, New York, 2020
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xi, 252 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
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Born pattern seekers
The systemizing mechanism
Five types of brains
The mind of an inventor
A revolution in the brain
System-blindness: why monkeys don't skateboard
The battle of the giants
Sex in the valley
Nurturing the inventors of the future
Appendix 1: Take the SQ and the EQ to find out your brain type
Appendix 2: Take the AQ to find out how many autistic traits you have
"A 70,000-year history"--Book jacket