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The politics of military occupation

Peter M. R. Stirk (Author)
Military occupation is a recurrent feature of modern international politics and yet has received little attention from political scientists. This book sets out to remedy this neglect, offering: an account of military occupation as a form of government an assessment of key trends in the development of military occupations over the last two centuries an explanation the conceptual and practical difficulties encountered by occupiers examples drawn from, amongst others, the First and Second World Wars, US occupations in Latin America and Japan, the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, and the current occupation of Iraq After a survey of the evolving practice and meaning of military occupation the book deals with its contested definitions, challenging restrictive approaches that disguise the true extent of the incidence of military occupation. Subsequent chapters explain the diverse forms that military government within occupation regimes take on and the role of civilian governors and agencies within occupation regimes; the significance of military occupation for our understanding of political obligation; the concept of sovereignty; the nature and meaning of justice; and our evaluation of regime transformation under conditions of military occupation. Key Features deals with military occupation as a form of government draws on a wide range of examples to illustrate themes such as political obligation, sovereignty and justice argues that military occupation covers a wider range than is often assumed, including 'international administration' under the auspices of the UN
eBook, English, 2009
Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, 2009