Front cover image for The science-history of the universe

The science-history of the universe

Francis Rolt-Wheeler (Editor)
Print Book, English, 1909
The Current Literature Pub. Co., New York, 1909
10 volumes frontispieces, illustrations, plates 18 cm
I. Astronomy, by W. Kaempffert; introduction by E.E. Barnard
II. Geology, by H.E. Slade and W.E. Ferguson
III. Physics, by G. Matthew. Electricity, by W.J. Moore
IV. Chemistry, by W.A. Hamor; introduction by C. Baskerville
V. Biology, by Caroline E. Stackpole
VI. Zoology, by W.D. Matthew. Botany, by M.E. Latham; introduction by W.T. Hornaday
VII. Anthropology, by F. Rolt-Wheeler. Medicine, by T.H. Allen; introduction by F. Starr
VIII. Pure mathematics, by L.L. Locke. Foundations of mathematics, by C.J. Keyser. Mathematical applications, by F. Bellinger; introduction by C.J. Keyser
IX. Art, by B.S. Woolf. Literature, by F. Rolt-Wheeler; introduction by E.J. Wheeler
X. Schools of Philosophy, by C.G. Shaw. Sociology and political economy, by L.D. Abbott. Ethics, by F. Rolt-Wheeler; introduction by H. Münsterberg