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The small house at Allington

This novel, the fifth in Trollope's Chronicles of Barsetshire series, tells the tale of the Dale family, which is trying to make ends meet in the aftermath of the death of the family patriarch. A nearly impenetrable knot of romantic entanglements ensues shortly after the family moves into the small house of the book's title. Long admired by fans of Trollope's writing, The Small House at Allington gained more widespread attention after it was named as a personal favorite by then-sitting Prime Minister John Major
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Title; Contents; Chapter I
The Squire of Allington; Chapter II
The Two Pearls of Allington; Chapter III
The Widow Dale of Allington; Chapter IV
Mrs Roper's Boarding- House; Chapter V
About L.D.; Chapter VI
Beautiful Days; Chapter VII
The Beginning of Troubles; Chapter VIII
It Cannot Be; Chapter IX
Mrs Dale's Little Party; Chapter X
Mrs Lupex and Amelia Roper; Chapter XI
Social Life; Chapter XII
Lilian Dale Becomes a Butterfly; Chapter XIII
A Visit to Guestwick; Chapter XIV
John Eames Takes a Walk; Chapter XV
The Last Day. Chapter XVI
Mr Crosbie Meets an Old Clergyman on His Way to Courcy CastleChapter XVII
Courcy Castle; Chapter XVIII
Lily Dale's First Love-Letter; Chapter XIX
The Squire Makes a Visit to the Small House; Chapter XX
Dr Crofts; Chapter XXI
John Eames Encounters Two Adventures, and Displays Great Courage in Both; Chapter XXII
Lord De Guest at Home; Chapter XXIII
Mr Plantagenet Palliser; Chapter XXIV
A Mother-in-Law and a Father-in-Law; Chapter XXV
Adolphus Crosbie Spends an Evening at His Club; Chapter XXVI
Lord de Courcy in the Bosom of His Family. Chapter XXVII
"On My Honour, I Do Not Understand It"Chapter XXVIII
The Board; Chapter XXIX
John Eames Returns to Burton Crescent; Chapter XXX
"Is It from Him?"; Chapter XXXI
The Wounded Fawn; Chapter XXXII
Pawkins's in Jermyn Street; Chapter XXXIII
"The Time Will Come"; Chapter XXXIV
The Combat; Chapter XXXV
Væ Victis; Chapter XXXVI
"See, the Conquering Hero Comes"; Chapter XXXVII
An Old Man's Complaint; Chapter XXXVIII
Doctor Crofts Is Called In; Chapter XXXIX
Doctor Crofts Is Turned Out; Chapter XL
Preparations for the Wedding; Chapter XLI
Domestic Troubles. Chapter XLII
Lily's BedsideChapter XLIII
Fie, Fie!; Chapter XLIV
Valentine's Day at Allington; Chapter XLV
Valentine's Day in London; Chapter XLVI
John Eames at His Office; Chapter XLVII
The New Private Secretary; Chapter XLVIII
Nemesis; Chapter XLIX
Preparations for Going; Chapter L
Mrs Dale Is Thankful for a Good Thing; Chapter LI
John Eames Does Things Which He Ought Not to Have Done; Chapter LII
The First Visit to the Guestwick Bridge; Chapter LIII
Loquitur Hopkins; Chapter LIV
The Second Visit to the Guestwick Bridge; Chapter LV
Not Very Fie Fie after All. Chapter LVI
Showing How Mr Crosbie Became Again a Happy ManChapter LVII
Lilian Dale Vanquishes Her Mother; Chapter LVIII
The Fate of the Small House; Chapter LIX
John Eames Becomes a Man; Chapter LX
"First published in 1864"--Page 2
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