Front cover image for The undreaded job : learning to thrive in a less-than-perfect workplace

The undreaded job : learning to thrive in a less-than-perfect workplace

This guide explains how to find satisfaction in the workplace in the face of imperfections involving oneself and others. With the possible exception of sleep, people spend more time in the workplace than in any other activity in their lives. Work offers a sense of identity, self worth, pride, social status, security, opportunities for advancement, and even friendships. So what can people do when their workplace leaves them frustrated, bored, or unhappy? This book was written to help people find satisfaction in the workplace, turning work into a major contributor to overall happiness. It is organized around issues individuals face as they try to thrive in the face of inevitable workplace imperfections. These include imperfections in the leaders for whom they work and the colleagues with whom they interact. The book also covers the influence of one's own thinking processes and those of others, power and political sophistication in the workplace, worker motivation, development and change, workplace diversity, social skills, and the communication challenges that arise as people pursue different or conflicting goals. The author, an expert in both psychology and management, reviews research on these topics as it relates to workplace satisfaction and life happiness. Each chapter explains research findings in ways that translate them into key concepts applicable in any workplace, at any level
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